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 Lublin University of Technology (LUT) implemented the mobility project for higher education students and staff between Programme Countries within Erasmus+ programme (Financial Contract No 2015-1-PL01-KA103-015145) in the period from 1st June 2015 to 31st May 2017. The project complied with LUT’s strategy of internationalization, Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020, Erasmus Policy Statement and Interinstitutional Agreements concluded by LUT under the Erasmus + programme. Within the framework of the project LUT has cooperated with several hundred foreign institutions, with which the University has had extensive cooperation within the scope of exchange, research, traineeships for students and staff, but also has established new contacts and signed new agreements. The main partners of the project were Technicka Univerzita v Kosiciach and Zilinska Univerzita v Ziline, however, in accordance with LUT’s Erasmus Policy Statement, LUT carried out a significant number of mobilities in cooperation with institutions from Turkey, Spain, Scandinavian countries or the Netherlands.

In the project participated representatives of academic community of LUT and of partner institutions – students, academic and administrative staff, and the main subject areas were: architecture and town planning, building and civil engineering, environmental protection technology, mechanics and metal trades. 361 outgoing mobilities were completed, including 57 student mobilities for studies, 146 student and recent graduate mobilities for placement, 108 staff mobilities for teaching, and 50 staff mobilities for training. LUT received 277 student mobilities for studies from Programme Countries, 29 staff mobilities for teaching and 7 staff mobilities for training. The project raised much interest among students and university staff, which resulted in carrying out 4 outgoing mobilities more than the number planned in the financial agreement, and the budget was realized in 99.62%. Seven out of total number of mobilities were carried out within the Scholarship and Training Fund, and 10 mobilities were carried out within the project International mobility of students with disabilities and students in a difficult financial situation Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020 co-financed through The European Social Fund. The main goal of the project was to carry out high quality student and staff mobilities and to increase the level of internationalization of LUT. This goal was achieved, as well as the majority of qualitative and quantitative goals.
Office of International Education of LUT (OIE, previously: International Exchange Office), faculty coordinators and Erasmus+ university coordinator took care of the quality and management of the project with reference to the mobility participants. Collaboration was maintained with ESN LUT, municipality and non-governmental organizations. During the project, candidates and mobility participants were not discriminated against on grounds of their nationality, sex or age. Principles of equal treatment and equal access to information were followed. The distribution of men and women participating in the project presented as follows: 56% of men and 44% of women. All mobility participants were qualified and obtained the scholarship with accordance to the budget awarded to LUT within the call for applications, and rules approved at LUT. 
The implementation of the project allowed for development and improvement of language (English, German, Spanish, Polish), social, intercultural and professional competences of the project participants; exchange of best practices with regard to student education and organisation of university administrative tasks, which had pro-quality function; promotion of educational offer of LUT and partner universities, including full degree MA studies conducted in foreign languages. Moreover, growing number of student mobilities gives students opportunity to gain experience in a multicultural environment and enhance their mobility on labour market, as well as enhances the educational offer of LUT and its systematic adjustment to the needs of labour market, which is in accordance with the Development Strategy of LUT.
Through participation in the project LUT strengthened its position on local, regional, country and international level, and became more attractive to foreign students. In addition, a positive image of foreigners is created in the city and region. As a result, the indicators of internationalization and region’s economy are growing, and local community becomes more aware of cultural diversity. The project has a positive impact on mobility participants, LUT, partner institutions, other organizations and persons, and its implementation is compliant with strategic objectives of LUT and a number of objectives listed in Erasmus Policy Statement and Agenda for Modernisation of Higher Education.


Incoming mobilities for studies Incoming mobilities for placements Incoming mobilities for teaching Incoming mobilities for training
277 2 29 7
Ougoing mobilies for studies Outgoing mobilities for placements Outgoing mobilities for teaching Outgoing mobilities for training
57 146 108 50



partners with whom the highest number of mobilities was realised   

  • Technicka Univerzita v Kosiciach, Slovakia

  • Zilinska Univerzita v Ziline, Slovakia

  • Vysoke Uceni Technicke v Brne, Czech Republic



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