Payment information

Payment information


The number of rooms in the Halls of Residence is limited. All the students will not be accepted.

We offer only triple rooms due to big number of applicants.

The cost of accommodation in triple room: 410 PLN per month (one semester is 4,5 months - 1845 PLN)




Information for students who are accepted in the Halls of Residence


The Student will receive confirmation of accommodation in the Halls of Residence by email.

When you arrive to University’s dormitory you can see the room without any financial consequences. If you decide to stay you will be asked to sign the Resident’s Registration Card, the Room Equipment Charter and the Hand-over Report in two copies, one for you and one for Administrator of the Halls of Residence.

The forms are available here:

The fee for the whole semester (1845 PLN) should be paid in advance within 7 days of signing the Resident’s Registration Card. 

Payments should be made in cash at the reception desk of the Hall of Residence. Please remember to have enough money at the beginning of your stay.

In the case of earlier cancellation of stay in the Hall of Residence before the end of semester, a fee is charged for the month in which the cancellation is made and for the following month. The remaining amount will be refunded to the student within two weeks from the date of cancellation.  

Extension of stay by a student requires signing another  Resident’s Registration Card covering the new period of stay. The declaration of Accommodation Period Extension for the second semester must be submitted to the Administrators of the Dormitories before November 30th .



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