Driving in Poland

General Information

You may come to Poland by your own car or buy/rent one here. Whatever is your choice, please remember about some basic rules:

  • Poland is a right-driving country
  • car insurance in Poland is obligatory
  • when driving you should always have with you your car insurance policy, your driving licence and a car emergency kit
  • you and your passangers should always wear seat belts
  • the maximum drink driving limit is 0.2 (grammes per litre)
  • all vehicles are required to use headlights all year round.

For information on speed limits please follow the link.


Driving Licence

In order to drive in Poland you need to have a valid driving licence. You may get a driving licence in Poland or use a EU driving licence. If you already have a licence from outside the EU, please contact the authorities.


Driving in  Lublin

Car rental service

If you would like to rent a car please click on the link to see the contact details for Lublin car rental companies.

Lublin Paid Parking Zone

The paid parking zone was introduced in Lublin in 2011.  During controlled hours (Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m) charges apply for parking in two sub-zones - A and B. For more information please follow the link.


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