Application Procedure - Teaching Staff

Thank you for your interest in visiting the Lublin University of Technology!

If you wish to participate in Erasmus Staff Mobility for Teaching at LUT you are obliged to complete the Application Form and Staff Mobility for Teaching Agreement available below.
Please note that language of instruction is English.
Please take into account two facts: getting acceptance at LUT may take 2 weeks, getting visa and travel arrangements also take some time. 
The Application Documents are forwarded for approval to the faculty coordinators of Erasmus+ programme on the faculties.
The decision on acceptance is given by signature on the said documents.
On the basis of the said documents, the employee of International Education Office issues the Invitation, in which the dates of mobility are confirmed.
After completion of mobility, the faculty coordinator of Erasmus+ programme on the faculty issues the Confirmation, in which the factual dates of stay at LUT are certified .
Send your application documents (scans) to Ms Yuliia Boiko, 
Hope to see you soon in Lublin University of Technology!

Staff Mobility for Teaching Agreement    Download   
Application Form 2018    Download   
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