Before the Departure: Procedure

Before your departure, you need to:

  • inform the dorm administrator,

  • inform the Faculty Coordinator,

  • inform the Office of International Education (OIE).

You also need to complete TWO documents:

1.      Clearance Sheet 

The document must be completed and submitted to the Dean’s Office of a particular Faculty.

NOTE that the Transcript of Records will be issued after the clearance procedure is complete.

You have to collect signatures of the following units:

1.      Library - after you return all the books and sources;

2.      Dormitory - if all the required payments have been made; if the room is clean;

3.   Office of International Education - if all documents (Application Form, Learning Agreement, Changes to Learning Agreement, ID/passport copy, insurance document copy, language certificate) are in your folder at OIE. Also, remember to collect the original documents (e.g. Learning Agreement)!

4.      Dean’s Office - after you return your Exam Card and if all documents are there;

5.      Coordinator - according to your individual arrangements with the Coordinator.


2.      Exam Card

Exam card  is a faculty document – you have to ask for it at the Dean’s Office. Remember to collect the signature of each teacher you had classes with. Once you receive all signatures and grades, you must submit your Exam Card to the Dean’s Office at your Faculty.

Please remember also to ask for the following documents:

·        Transcript of Records  -  the document contains names of the courses, grades, ECTS credits. You are requested to take your TR from the Dean’s Office personally after having submitted the two above-mentioned forms (Clearance Sheet & Exam Card).

·         Certificate of Stay/Confirmation of Study Period - you should ask for it at OIE right before your departure.

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