Physical Education Classes

Dear Students! You are strongly invited to participate in the PE classes or sporting-recreational activities offered by the Sports Centre. READ MORE

The LUT`s Sports Centre offers two types of classes:

1. Physical Education (PE) Classes - for students who included PE in their Learning Agreements,

2. Sporting / Recreational activities.

Both types of classes are organised on a weekly basis (each Thursday, 10:00-11:30 PM) and conducted in a sports hall (Sports Centre, Nadbystrzycka 36B Street), starting on Thursday, 19/10/2017. 

The calendar of the meetings:


19 X 2017

26 X 2017

09 XI 2017

16 XI 2017

23 XI 2017

30 XI 2017

07 XII 2017

14 XII 2017

21 XII 2017

11 I 2018


Remember to bring obligatory sportswear and appropriate shoes (e.g. trainers)!

Below, read the rules of the LUT`s Sports Centre.




Sports Centre - Gym Rules    Download   
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