JASSO Scholarship Short Term Exchange Program at Kumamoto University

We would like to offer the Short Term Exchange Program under JASSO scholarship for either 6 months or one year.

 Now we are recruiting 14 applicants (graduate students), who are from
partner universities with a student exchange agreement.
We will appreciate it if you could announce to the students at your

Please see the following condition of this program;
1. Amount of scholarship: 80,000 yen per month (participants have to
take responsibility for the cost of flight ticket, accommodation, food,
health insurance and other living cost etc.)
2. Duration of the program: Either 6 months or one year from October 2017.
3. Application Deadline: June 8 (Fri), 2018.
4. Contents of the program:
   -Research project
   -Lectures (a certificate of credits will be issued by Dean of GSST)
   "Current Science and Technology in Japan" in fall semester (2 credits)
is required.
    Choice of 3 classes related to topics in environment issues is required.
    *Exchange students can take most of lectures offered in GSST, if
agreement from an instructor can be obtained.
   -Field trip
   -Final Report
   -Midterm and final presentations

For further information, please visit our website at

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