Summer School 2018: "Cross-Cultural Negotiaions Est/West"

We are glad to announce the 4th edition of our program „Cross-Cultural Negotiation East/West“, taking place from 02.08.2018 until 13.8.2018.

 Major topics oft he program are ethics and trust, difficult people and circumstances, problem solving and creativity, multi-party negotiations and team negotiations in a cross-cultural context. The course will further focus on negotiations in Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea. The learning environment is interactive and experiential, and includes open discussion, negotiation simulations and role plays.

The summer school „Cross-Cultural Negotiation East/West“ is an exciting opportunity for your students to experience Vienna whilst broadening their knowledge in cross-cultural communication and meeting other international students and earning credits to take back with them to their university course.
The tuition fee includes the participation fee and all study materials, social program as well as a “Vienna life package”. INNES assists students with finding accommodation.
Further we are able to offer grants for two participants (students or staff) from partner universities. The grant will 50% discount from the tuition fee.
Application Deadline: 15.May 2018
I would be very grateful if you could pass this onto your students and staff. For more information about my school please visit:
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