Launching the world’s first online creativity training

We are launching the worlds’ first online creativity training – free of charge.

 Academy for Creativity is a training course that is going to help sharpen students’ creative abilities. It is a researched-based game consisting of 10 different and fun games, that each provide a theoretical insight, as well as training one or more essential creative qualities. The game is developed by researchers from Aalborg University and with support from Erasmus and in cooperation with Complutense University in Madrid, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Malta and VastAbility: Next Generation Brain Training in United States. 

Academy for Creativty, can easily be integrated as part of a course. The usage of Academy for Creativity depends exclusively of internet access and a laptop. The interface makes it simple to create creativity training courses for studens and follow their development and results throughout. 
Using the Academy for Creativity will make your students more creative
● Challenge your students’ creative abilities through our embodied creativity training, where students will not only develop a better understanding of creativity, they’ll become more creative.

Creativity training can be used in any discipline
● The game is developed as a supporting teaching ressource for courses in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, but can also be used as extracurricular activity for differentiated teaching. 
● Academy for Creativity can by advantage be integrated into all diciplines as creativity training strenghtens problem-oriented work and develop student independence and thinking. 

For more information and sign-up, visit us at:


Be creative!

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