Summer Russian courses in Russia, scholarship, volunteering, special offer for groups

The students who learn the Russian language will be interested in Russian summer immersion programs and special options to learn Russian in Russia offered by Enjoy Russian language school.

 We invite the students for 2-12 week summer Russian programsof full

language and cultural immersion in Petrozavodsk. This is a great 
opportunity to experience life in Russia, improve all language skills, 
practice Russian with Russians, prepare for future exams and spend the 
holidays in an unforgettable way! The program includes intensive Russian 
course, Russian homestay with meals, eventful cultural activities with 
Russian students.

All levels are available. Group courses start from:

12-week course: 04 June

4-week courses: 04 June, 02 July, 30 July

2-week courses: 04 June, 18 June, 02 July,16 July, 30 July, 13 August

More information about summer courses:

To learn Russian in Russia for freethe students are welcome to 
participate in the Scholarship contest for summer 2018 winner 
will get 2-week tuition in a group (40 lessons) for free! Students from 
A1 level, 18+ are eligible. The participant should just write an essay 
(in English or Russian) “Russian people I’d like to meet”

Special offer for friends: students who come in a group of at least 2 
persons of one level for a 4-week course save 80 euro for the tuition 
fee. The offer is available for May-September, the tuition fee for each 
participant is 560 euro instead of 640 for a course of 80 Russian lessons.

Volunteer & learn Russian programs: the best way to get experience of 
international volunteering, learn Russian for free, get a recommendation 
letter and a certificate for a CV and improve Russian significully. Our 
School provides 2 options: part-time volunteering (1-2 hours a day, the 
participant gets 15-30% discount for the tuition fee) and full-time 
volunteering (2 weeks, the participant gets free language course of 40 
lessons, free homestay and meals for 2 weeks). More about volunteering 
in Russia: 

More than 1200 students from all over the world participated in programs 
offered by our School! Attached in an announcement of summer courses. 
Please, inform your students about this possibility! If you’re not 
interested in this offer, please, forward this message to your 
colleagues who might be interested.

I’ll be glad to answer any questions,


Coordinator of the “Enjoy Russian” language school

Our Facebook group: <>

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