[Colectivosculturales] XVII Certamen Internacional Videominuto / XVII Videominute International Contest

The Area of Culture of the Dpt. of Culture and Social Affairs of Universidad de Zaragoza, with the collaboration of CineMaremagnum and the sponsorship of Obra Social la Caixa, wants to announce the regulations for the XVII Videominute International Contest with the purpose of stimulating creation in the domain of video-creation and animation

 Videominute is a veteran contest whose peculiarity resides in that the works cannot exceed 1 minute of duration, including credits. This contest has become international in 2009. Among all the presented works, a pre-selection of the 25 best ones is made, of which finally the awarded video-nominees are chosen.

In the last edition, 267 papers were presented, of which 59% were of Spanish origin and the remaining 41% were foreign, from countries like Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, India, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom United, Russia, Syria, Switzerland, Ukraine, Uruguay and Yemen. The contest, therefore, progresses as much in number and origin of its participants as in the quality of the presented works. In the last edition the three prizes went to Argentina, Zaragoza and Russia.
The Videominute International Contest is endowed with three prizes of 1.000€, 700€ and 400€ respectively, and the works can only be submitted online, until March 23, 2018.

For more information, please click here: https://cultura.unizar.es/regulations-videominute-international-contest  
or write to the email uzcultur@unizar.es

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