Call for participation to the TITC international contest / Study trip to Barcelona

The TITC contest is an international challenge between ICT students. It deals with IT networks and telecommunications and intended to students from the following 14 countries: Algeria, Cameroon, Croatia, Egypt, Italy, Mali, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Senegal, Spain, Sudan and Tunisia.

 The sponsorship is full and covers flight, accommodation, entrance to the exhibition (which is 900 EUR) and food.

Participation is online and is fully free of charge for the students.
Qualification to the second round is taking place according to students scores in the respective country.
Qualification to the final tour will be at international level with participants from all 14 countries mentioned above.
Link to the registration:
Winners of the first edition (two students in MWC in February 2017 in Barcelona)
Thanks to spread the info to colleagues from ICT faculties and hopefully, they will inform students about the event.
Good luck to all students and all best wishes for the coming years with more editions of TITC and more countries participating.

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