Public Transport in Lublin

Information on public transport in Lublin, bicycles and taxis.

Public transport

Lublin has a good and efficient public transportation system. Buses and trolleybuses enable residents and visitors to get around the city easily.


You can buy tickets at  several places:

  • some bus stops (by using the ticket machines)
  • several kiosks and shops (usually located near the bus stops)
  • ticket offices
  • on the buses (by using ticket machines or from the drivers. Remeber that ticket machines accept only coins. Drivers accept only cash).

The complete list of ticket sales points is available here.

The fares depend on the type of the ticket (e.g. a single-ride ticket, a 30-minute ticket, a 60-minute ticket, a 30-day ticket). A 30-minute ticket costs 3,20 PLN (1,60 PLN with a student discount).

In order to be entitled to using tickets with a student discont you must hold a valid student ID card issued by LUT. Travelling without a valid ticket may result in a fine (up to 160 PLN).

Please find the information on Electronic Ticket Card here. For details concerning the tickets please follow the link.

Routes and timetables

There are two zones marked as Zone 1 (most bus routes) and Zone 2 (bus number 35 and part of the bus routes number 5, 55, N2).

Regular bus services are numbered from 001 to 085 and regular trolleybus services from 151 to 161. Night bus services are marked as N1, N2 and N3. Buses and trolleybuses operate from around 4 am to 11 pm (depending on the bus route). Night bus services run from 11 pm to 4 am every 60 minutes.

The timetable is available here. For public transport journey planner please follow the link.



Cycling is becoming more and more popular in Lublin. The city has a well-developed cycling infrastructure.

City bikes

Lubelski Rower Miejski was launched in 2014. It is a system of self-service city bikes rental locations which provides an atlernative form of transport.The network consists of 43 stations and 430 bikes. In order to start using city bikes you must register online and pay the initial fee (10 PLN). The prices depend on the rental period. The first 20 minutes are free of charge.

For details please follow the link.

Buying a bicycle

It is also possible to buy a new or used bike. New bikes may be bought at some hypermarkets, specialized bike shops or online. A second-hand bike may be bought from a fellow student or at a flea market. You may also look up advertisements in local newspapers or on the information boards on campus.



Ordering a taxi is more expensive than using public transport or bikes. However, in some situations it may be a convenient means of transport. The taxi fare is around 2-3 PLN per kilometre and there is also an initial taxi fare for getting on a taxi (around 7 PLN). Many taxis accept debit cards but it is better to check with the driver before the start of the trip. It may be also safer and cheaper to book a taxi by telephone than to take it from a rank.

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