In the academic year 2013/2014 exchange students may be accommodated in the Student's Residence Halls (1-4) in the University Campus area. The condition of acceptance for accommodation is the previous application for it. The University reserves the right to limit the number of places in Halls of Residence due to a big number of applications.

General Information

In the academic year 2013/2014 LUT opens separate application for accommodation for exchange students.

NOTICE: The acceptance within the bilateral agreement does not mean the automatic acceptance of accommodation. Students who are accepted at LUT have a right to apply for accommodation via the online application form. However, the Administrators of the Halls of Residence may limit the number of students who are accepted for accommodation. University has also a right to reject an application for acommodation in case the application documents were sent after the deadline of application within a bilateral agreement. Students whose application is not succesful are advised to contact estate agencies in Lublin.

Information for students who stay in the Halls of Residence

Before Arrival

1. Students whose application for accommodation has been provisionally accepted receive an automatic feedback email with further instructions.

2. The information concerning the payment for accommodation can be found in the feedback email. The students are requested to read the information carefully and proceed with payment which must be done before their arrival to LUT. The monthly fee is to be defined by the Rector and will be announced in the feedback email The prices are given in PLN Polish Zloty. Payment for accommodation during holiday time (July, August, September)  is regulated by separate provisions.

3. Should you need to contact (contact in Polish) the Administrator of the Hall of Residence, please use the contact information from:  

After Arrival

1.  After your arrival to any of the Halls of Residence, the person in charge will direct you to the proper Hall of Residence.

2. If not decided otherwise, students are accommodated according to the division below:  

Hall of Residence 1 (Mechanical Engineering)

Nadbystrzycka 42
20-501 Lublin

Hall of Residence 2 (Management, Fundamentals of Technology)

Nadbystrzycka 44
20-501 Lublin

Hall of Residence 3 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Nadbystrzycka 44 A
20-501 Lublin

Hall of Residence  4 (Civil Engineering and Architecture, Environmental Engineering)

Nadbystrzycka 42 A
20-501 Lublin

3. In order to be allowed to enter the Hall of Residence you are requested to present the confirmation of payment for accommodation.

4. The room is equipped with beds, desks, wardrobes, kitchen annex, desk lamps, bedding, bed lining. One kitchen and shared bathroom per floor are at students' disposal. Each room is equipped with Internet connection.  

room gallery

5. All students who are willing to use the option of accommodation, will be asked to accept Regulations of the Hall of Residence. You may download the document.

6. The declaration of Accommodation Period Extension for the second semester must be submitted to the Administrators of the Dormitories before November 30th.

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