Staff Mobility for Teaching

 Partner Countries Mobilities

If you were selected to participate in Erasmus Staff Mobility for Teaching at LUT please follow the steps: 

1. Complete an Application Form available here 

2. Complete Staff Mobility for Teaching Mobility Agreement available below. 

3. Remember - Language of instruction is ENGLISH!  

4. Period of mobility is 5 days (Monday to Friday) plus 2 days of travel. Please suggest dates of your arrival but first check our academic calendar 

5. Please select a mobility period taking into account two facts: getting acceptance at LUT may take 2 weeks, getting visa and travel arrangements also take time. 

6. Get necessary signatures at your University, dont forget to sign your documents as a participant. 

7. Send your application documents (scans) to Iulia Kubai, MA, 

8. Wait for Invitation Letter before making travel arrangements. 


Notice! If the Application Form doesn`t work properly you can use the Application Form which can be downloaded at the bottom of this web.

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