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One of the elements in LUTs international strategy is the exchange of teachers and administrative staff. We are convinced that the exchange of teachers will add even more international aspects to our students’ competences. Lecturers from abroad will bring new information and other ways of teaching to LUT. Our students will extend their knowledge through learning about other methods than the ones already taught at LUT.

Our lecturers go abroad with the purpose of raising the quality of teaching. Going abroad inspires our lecturers to improve their teaching materials which is a huge benefit for our students. Our lecturers keep themselves continuously updated on new areas which also provides our students with knowledge about the most recent methods.

Administrative Staff of LUT participates in international trainings, during which they gain valuable experience from their international colleagues. It results in development of skills and gives opportunity to work in international environment.

Both our lecturers and administrative staff are very much aware of the international orientation of their daily work.

Lublin University of Technology will also be very pleased to receive lecturers and administrative staff from abroad.

Please fill out our online application form and follow the instructions.

Teaching Staff - Iulia Kubaii

Administrative Staff: Malgorzata Wilczynska,



1. The staff member who is willing to apply to Lublin University of Technology is obliged to complete the online Application Form available on the website of IEO:

Application Form – Teaching Staff

Application Form – Non-Teaching Staff

2. Administrative staff of partner universities are entitled to participate in mobility. Non-administrative staff members may participate in Erasmus+ Programme in the module which aims at conducting lectures for students.

3. Administrative and teaching mobilities are conducted according to the Mobility Agreement and Individual Training/Teaching Programme.

4. The Application Form, Mobility Agreement and Individual Programme are forwarded for approval to the head of unit where the training/teaching will take place.

5. The decision on acceptance is given by signature on the said documents.

6. On the basis of the said documents, the employee of IEO issues the Invitation, in which the dates of mobility are confirmed.

7. After completion of mobility, the employee of IEO issues the Confirmation, in which the factual dates of stay at LUT are certified .



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