MobiAbility Project

MobiAbility: A European standard on support measures in the EHA for international students with disabilities

Type of Project: Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education

Project No. 2016-1-ES01-KA203-025001

Period: 1.09.2016-31.08.2019

Coordinator: University of Murcia, Spain


Lublin University of Technology, Poland

Masaryk University, Czech Republic

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania

Fundacion Once, Spain

Fundacion Universia, Spain

Comité De Representantes de Personas con Discapacidad y Sus Familias de la Región de Murcia


Project website:


Main Goals:

A European standard of measures and reasonable adjustments at academic level for mobility students with disabilities

An online and multilingual platform that house a catalogue of universities meeting the standard, and some communication tools between attention-to-diversity services for a more personalized monitoring.

Promoting the international mobility of people with disabilities contributes to their academic training and social inclusion


Funding: This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.



Marta Batorczak-Zuchowska

Magdalena Gozdzik

Malgorzata Wilczynska



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